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Welcome to UCSB DETAiL!

DETAiL provides access to demographic information to help you get to know UCSB students.

  • Level 1 access provides information campus undergraduate enrollment and students in your L&S or CoE division.
  • Level 2 access, which requires DETAiL training, provides demographics for students in your classes.

DETAiL then provides asset-based teaching strategies to support you and your students. 

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DETAiL dashboards provide information about specific demographic characteristics collected by UCSB. You can learn about the interaction between the visuals by hovering over the bar or pie charts within each block. 

After you’ve learned a bit about students, the “i” in the corner of each block in the DETAiL dashboard opens the door to DETAiL’s rich library of asset-based teaching practices. These strategies, linked to each characteristic, can help you to teach more effectively and improve students’ learning.

DETAiL At a Glance

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Level one provides an institutional-divisional overview: demographic information about all UCSB undergraduates and all UCSB undergraduates who have declared majors in the College of Letters and Science or the College of Engineering. Instructors accessing level one reports are strongly encouraged to complete UCSB's  FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) training


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Level two provides course-specific demographics: information about all students enrolled in the instructor’s course (updated daily). Note that if the number of students in any characteristic is fewer than ten, information will not be displayed. Instructors must complete DETAiL training to access level two reports. Training will begin in Spring 2022. Contact CITRAL (via the link below) for information about Level 2 training and full DETAiL access.

Contact CITRAL

Why and How Can UCSB DETAiL Help Me?

DETAiL provides a solution to two challenges: knowing about students and their learning experiences and tailoring teaching based on that knowledge. DETAiL’s integrated data dashboards and teaching materials are linked to provide you with “just in time” strategies specific to your students.


How Can I Learn More?

DETAiL gives you insight into institutional data about students in your class. In addition to diving into DETAiL, you create a welcoming course environment by: